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Man Bear and Salmon

John West’s stringent inspection processes are an indication of the importance we place on quality.

Tin can fishingIn fact, our inspection processes – ‘The Fish John West Rejects’ – are almost as famous as our cans.

Obviously, it all starts with a commitment to source our seafood from some of the best suppliers and the most pristine fisheries – both in Australia and the rest of the world. Even so, John West Inspectors still go over everything with a critical eye prior to it appearing on the supermarket shelf. To give you some idea of their thoroughness, John West Inspectors can reject up to 30% of all Salmon before it arrives on shelf.

We apply this commitment every step of the way, from inspecting the integrity of our cans right through to transportation checks that ensure John West products arrive in your shopping basket in the same condition they left our canneries.

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