John West: Commitment to Sustainable Tuna

John West has been working to improve the sustainability of its products for many years.  This work has seen John West implement a series of major sustainability initiatives including a partnership with one of the world’s largest conservation organisations, WWF. Through this partnership, all John West products will be responsibly sourced by 2015. 

Following recent proactive engagement with Greenpeace we have sought to clarify our current commitment to the sustainable sourcing of tuna, as follows:

By 2015 John West will end sourcing tuna from fisheries using methods that current science shows to be unsustainable such as the use of FAD-associated purse seine caught tuna and will only sell tuna caught using environmentally responsible methods, currently defined to include pole & line and un-associated purse seine. New fishing technologies, processes or practices that are developed must be shown through independent, peer-reviewed research to have an equal or lower level of by-catch and/or habitat damage and/or ecosystem impacts and/or impact on CPUE data collection as those methods mentioned above before being considered as sustainable alternatives.

We are aware of the sustainability issues facing the world's tuna fisheries. In recognition of this we implemented our sustainable tuna sourcing policy in 2011. This policy restricts our suppliers to only source our skipjack tuna caught in purse seine nets from the Western and Central Pacific Ocean in recognition of the progressive conservation measures put in place by the region's management authority. These include 100 per cent independent observers on all fishing vessels, a three month ban annually on the use of Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs), strict controls on Illegal, Unregulated or Unreported (IUU) vessels and support for the closure of the Pacific high seas pockets to purse seine fishing.

Sustainability is a journey that we embarked on many years ago and is something that we are passionate about. We will continue to work towards improving the sustainability of our seafood products in order to reach our 2015 goal.

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