John West Conservation Projects

Over the past three years we have invested over $700,000 to establish The John West Conservation Program – a series of WWF marine conservation projects aimed at creating more responsibly sourced seafood, sustainable fisheries and improve the social and economic well-being of fishing communities. 

This program is part of Our Oceans Forever and our partnership with WWF, seeking to improve the sustainability our seafood supply chain.

Over the next two years John West will continue this program. Your choice will help us reach $1 million for  WWF by the end of 2017. By choosing John West you’re helping to support Pacific Island conservation projects, working to provide coastal communities access to a secure source of food and income, while protecting reefs and local resources for the future, helping to ensure we have healthy oceans forever. 

We are currently supporting several projects, in partnership with WWF. These include:

Pacific Islands Conservation Project

Aimed at supporting more sustainable community-based fishing practices across the Pacific, including empowering the women of these communities to establish small businesses through the trade of surplus fish and a micro-lending scheme. 
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Maldives Conservation Project

We are investing in a new tuna stock assessment modelling system to help the Maldives’ pole and line Skipjack tuna fishery maintain its MSC certification and increase the availability of sustainable tuna
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Indonesian Conservation Project

Aimed at developing sustainable baitfish fisheries in several regions within Indonesia. 
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Thailand Tonggol Conservation Project

A Thailand Tonggol Conservation Project which is investing technically and strategically in an improvement project for the Thai tonggol fishery with aim of supporting tonggol fisheries to improve along their sustainability journey.
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Tuna By-catch Reduction Prize

Awarded as part of WWF’s 2014 International Smart Gear competition which seeks to encourage and reward the development of innovative, environmentally friendly ways to reduce the amount of fisheries by-catch.
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