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Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global, independent, not for profit organisation originally established in 1997 by WWF and Unilever. Becoming independent in 1999, MSC aims to address the issue of seafood sustainability with the fishing industry. 

Working to ensure fish populations are responsibly managed for the future, MSC only awards its eco label to fisheries that have achieved certification to its stringent sustainability standards. John West Australia is a strong supporter of the MSC’s mission to encourage and promote the best sustainable and environmental choices in seafood.

Our Oceans Need Help:

Today, 3 billion people depend on seafood as their primary source of protein. 1 in 10 people around the world rely on the seafood industry for their livelihoods. Healthy oceans are essential for thriving marine ecosystems, livelihoods and economies. Today our oceans are under increasing pressure. Unsustainable fishing is harming fish populations, habitats and fishing economies. As the world's population increases, sustainable fishing practices become more important than ever. Unless we make a change, fish stocks may be exhausted in our lifetime.

Fully Certified - the world's best standard in sustainability, every time.

The Marine Stewardship Council is the world's leading certification program for wild-caught, sustainable seafood. Each can of John West tuna proudly displays its blue certification ecolabel. Your choice of MSC certified sustainable John West tuna helps contribute to a sustainable future for our oceans.

28 Performance Indicators for Assessing Fisheries:

The MSC's third-party certification process for fisheries is rigorous, transparent and based in science. Fisheries are assessed by independent scientific teams against the MSC standard and its three core principles: maintaining a sustainable level of fish stocks, minimising environmental impact and effective fishery management. Once fisheries have been certified to MSC, they are independently audited to ensure ongoing compliance to all MSC standards. 

Generating Improvements in Ocean Health:

MSC certified fisheries are producing real results—on average they have increased the abundance of fish stocks 46% over ten years, compared with only 9% for uncertified fisheries.

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